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A podcast dedicated to consuming, sharing, and enjoying new music

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New Music Listening Club is a podcast and platform dedicated to consuming, sharing, and enjoying contemporary music. There are many musicians out there creating, performing, and presenting new music, and we want to explore this rich and varied musical community through a shared listening experience. The idea for the Club grew out of our desire to seek out and listen - really listen - to more new music and make time to talk about it with friends. 

With the model of a book club, each podcast episode assembles a small panel to talk about recent works they’ve enjoyed and share in their own words what makes the music so interesting and exciting. With the listening list posted before each episode, we encourage our listeners to check out the music, tune in for our friendly discussion, and continue the conversation via our social media platforms.  

Here on the blog you’ll find access to our podcasts and listening lists, as well as interviews with each of our guest panelists and occasional additional posts on contemporary music.

Thanks for tuning in, and happy listening!

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Emlyn Johnson is a flutist who performs with a variety of new music ensembles.
Dan Ketter is a cellist, contemporary music enthusiast, and music theory nerd.
Emlyn and Dan teach at Missouri State University and co-direct Music in the American Wild.

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