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Welcome to New Music Listening Club!

In the contemporary music world, there are many wonderful recordings released and musical endeavors undertaken every day. Even with so much creative output, contemporary music recordings can sometimes be hard to find, and searching for them and listening on your own can be lonely. Since music is so much about sharing experiences and bringing people together, we have created New Music Listening Club as a way to share the listening experience with musical friends and colleagues – and with all of you!

With the model of the book club, in each episode a small panel of musicians will convene to talk about a recent composition they’ve enjoyed and share what they liked about it, how it made them feel, what kinds of thoughts it inspired, or what kinds of music it might inspire them to make.

Before each episode we’ll post a Club Listening List so you can tune in and check out all the great music we’ll discuss on the podcast. Anything we listen to will be available to stream online. The tracks we listen to will always be posted as links on our Facebook and Twitter, and included in the podcast episode description. We encourage you to buy recordings if you are able to, donate to projects and arts organizations, and support these awesome musicians in any way you can.

New Music Listening Club is all about consuming, sharing, and enjoying contemporary music. With the Club Listening List posted before each episode, we hope you might listen and share your thoughts with us, too. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you have any music you would like us to listen to, you can find us

-via email at

Thanks, and happy listening!

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We’re looking forward to this, so grateful to all you’re contributing to enrich our lives

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