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Episode 7 Listening List: Gunn/Zajkowski, Hsieh, Twist

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Our seventh episode, featuring Australian composer Aristea Mellos is now available anywhere you listen to podcasts or here on our website. Get ready for the episode by digging in to our listening list for Episode 7, featuring music by Wally Gunn, Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh 謝蕙馨, and Joe Twist. Hope you enjoy this program of music by Aussie expat composers!

Feel free to comment here or on social media to continue the conversation about this great music.


Wally Gunn - Moonlite (2019)

Libretto by Maria Zajkowski

Performed by Variant 6, Mobius Percussion, and Veronica Jurkiewicz

Program note and synopsis:

Scene 2 (The future by the past):

Scene 7 (Walked I think twelve miles):

Scene 15 (Temple of justice):

Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh 謝蕙馨 - Permeating Through the Pores of Shifting Planes (2019)

Performed by Louise Devenish

Presented by TURA New music and the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art

More info about the collaboration process can be read here.

Joe Twist - Hymn of Ancient Lands (2016)

Performed by Choir of Trinity College, Cambridge

Wally Gunn photo by Thom Rigney; Joe Twist photo by Pascal Halim

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